Vigil in support of Charlottesville VA, this evening Sunday August 13, 5:30pm at the Lafayette Federal Courthouse, 800 Lafayette St. Everyone is welcome.


We at INDIVISIBLE ACADIANA are united in a common belief that health care is a basic HUMAN RIGHT. We believe that people should not be denied care for pre-existing conditions or for financial reasons. In that vein, we ultimately support a single-payer UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE system that will remove excess administrative costs, complicated reimbursement rules, and price opacity, instead of the current multi-payer system that seeks to put financial gains and stockholder profits above life-saving treatments. In the interim, we support the continued funding of the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA), which seeks to put patient needs ahead of corporate greed, while getting all Americans to contribute a fair share into the insurance system.

It should be noted that Louisiana has benefited particularly and greatly from the MEDICAID EXPANSION as part of the ACA. Medicaid is a program that benefits some of the most VULNERABLE populations in the state of Louisiana.

  • Medicaid enrollment increased by 13.5%, with 63% of reimbursement funds going to elderly and disabled recipients.
  • The move from insurance-based to patient-centered care has increased access to 10 Essential Health Benefits defined under the ACA.
  • Expansion increased jobs in Louisiana, where 35% of jobs are in health care fields.
  • This program provides access to care, especially for the most financially distressed, regardless of age, sex, or pre-existing condition.
  • The federal government covers 95% of the cost of expanding Medicaid under the ACA, with the state paying the remaining 5%–a significant influx of federal funding to support health care in Louisiana.
  • Louisiana ranks 49th of 50 states in poverty rates and Medicaid covers 40% of Louisiana residents, making it the largest program in the state budget and one which, if cut, will leave deep-poverty families in even worse shape.

Many Louisianans may think that Medicaid is something that they will never need, but for many others it is a vital SOCIAL SAFETY NET—productivity or disability, prosperity or financial ruin, and ultimately life or death. How we treat the VULNERABLE in our midst is how we will be judged as a society. The various opt-out provisions now included in Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), lately rebranded as the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), will lead to cuts even in private employer plans. Whatever its name, the proposed legislation is bad for the nation and bad for Louisiana. INDIVISIBLE ACADIANA stands in opposition.

Indivisible Acadiana is the Lafayette, Louisiana-based branch of a national network of Indivisible groups committed to fostering informed and active citizen participation in the democratic process. It exists to empower local citizens to resist policies that threaten the unity, prosperity, and security of state, our nation, nations around the world, and our planet itself.


Guiding Principles

  1. Support each other. Be understanding and welcoming to those not yet a part of our movement. Our enemy is not fellow Americans who are trying their best to get by; our enemy is the dangerous agenda and policies implemented by Trump and his administration.
  2. No circular firing squads. Let’s not get hung up on points of orthodoxy as progressives tend to do. Focus on effective, defensive action.
  3. No blame. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to miss opportunities. The important thing is not to give up, and not to let the group unravel. Let’s honestly analyze what happened, and move on.
(credit due to Indivisible Austin)